FireKing Meilink KC7233-Z UL TL-30 Composite Safe

Meilink KC7233-Z:4200 lbs, 36.7 cubic feet capacity

  • Ball-bearing Impregnated Hardplate
  • UL Listed Relocker Device(s)
  • 60 Minute Omega Point Fire Rating
  • UL Listed Group II Dial Combination Lock (Digital Optional)
  • The standard color is Graphite.


Product Description

  • Gibraltar, a name synonymous with strength and security throughout the world, means the same when applied to Meilink safes. The Gibraltar series combines the very best features available for security and protection. That’s why jewelers and financial institutions throughout the world rely on Meilink Gibraltar Safes to meet their security needs.
  • When you are protecting assets reaching into the tens and hundreds of thousands-of-dollars you’ll want a safe equal to the task. You’ll want UL’s very best burglary rated safes and that’s just what the Gibraltar line offers, including automatic bolt detent and adjustable ball bearing hinges for smooth door operation for the life of the safe. This series includes TL-15 and TL-30 (Tool Resistant) high security rated safes.
  • Omega Point Fire Rating: The safe is tested for 1 hour in a furnace with temperatures rising to 1700°F. The internal temperature of the safe must not rise more than 275°F for the duration of the test.
  • UL TL Rating: The safe must be meet specific construction requirements. The safe is also tested to prevent access to contents by physical attack using specific tools including grinders, pick axe, sledge hammer, drills, and saws for a specified period. TL-15 means it passed a 15-man-minute test. TL-30 means it passed a 30-man-minute test.
  • The Lock Icon designates the safe’s ability to protect against unauthorized entry and theft. The number represents the increasing level of burglary protection within the safe line.
  • The Fire Icon designates the safe’s ability to protect against fire damage. The number in the icon represents the time frame of the test the safe has passed. Icons with a (+) represent that the safe has earned UL’s impact rating.
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